U.T.O.T.D: Soreness vs. Pain

I will start this with a simple clarification between the definitions of soreness and pain:  soreness indicates that you have worked a muscle or group of legpainmuscles while pain may indicate an actual injury.  If I have a pain that is sharp, extremely localized, and gets worse as I go – I watch that very carefully and make sure it isn’t (or does not turn into) an injury.  If I have soreness, I pay attention to it as it lessens as I work it out, hopefully making gains – be it running, lifting, agility.  If you train through an injury, you can hurt yourself and miss training time and as we all know, that SUCKS.  If you train through soreness you will feel less sore and overall stronger when you are done.  Like with most things workout related, this is sometimes a judgement call, as it may not be obvious if the aches and pains you feel are sore muscles or damaged tissue.  Here is where my tip of the day comes in:  Listen to your body at all times.  Not just when you first start your workout or after you are finished.   If you feel sharp pains, back off and rest.  As you feel muscles loosening up, push a little harder.  Take an inventory of how you feel periodically during your workout and adjust accordingly – but BE HONEST.  Don’t be a wuss and slack off because you are sore and then blame the pain of soreness like it is some kind of injury!  No one else cares about your excuses and you can not lie to yourself – so every run, every workout, every lift – give it all you’ve got and go be the best you that you can be!

2 thoughts on “U.T.O.T.D: Soreness vs. Pain”

  1. Sometimes an Injury can show up later. I fell a week ago and stove in my ribs, said ouch got up and finished out my day. Went to bed and woke up at two am in excruciating pain. Since that time I have not been able to laugh cough or sneeze with out feeling like I am going to piss my pants. Today is day eight and the pain is letting up but still it lets me know that this is a real injury and not something that you can just walk off. Sometimes you just need time to heal. Not an excuse. Just the way it is. Charlie

    1. Very very true. The point is you have to pay very close attention and not just dismiss something as soreness – likewise, you have to make sure you don’t bail on training due to some sore muscles that will actually be better served getting some workout.

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