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U.T.O.T.D – Have Your Shit Ready to Go

It is a damn good thing that Candi woke me up while getting ready to go to work this morning at 4:30am because I was not ready to do battle with my morning training run!  I mean mentally, yeah, I was ready.  But otherwise, I was pretty less-than-prepared.  This brings me to my Ultra Tip of the Day.

Have your shit ready to go!  This morning I had to scrounge through my running drawer, some clean clothes in the dryer, and even the nice hangers full of clothes with at least 40 miles of sweaty funk hanging of off them from last week.  After 10 minutes of textile gathering, I grab the trusty Fenix and attempt to turn on the GPS only to find that apparently electronic devices need to be charged before use.  My dumb ass left the BlueTooth on yesterday and so no data for this morning’s great run other than my looking at the clock before and after and using the gmaps-pedometer tool to track my route… better than nothing, but no mile splits or heartrate data.

This tip is simple.  Have your shit ready in advance and you can save yourself some valuable time and a decent amount of frustration.  Planning is a very important part of ultrarunning.  I have seen some great natural runners fail or totally underachieve because they are fucking terrible at organizing and planning.  This is no different.  Train how you want to race, planning included.

-Mid Pack Zach