T.O.T.D: Get Dressed

Ok!  Here is today’s tip of the day!  Not only is it the tip of the day, it is the very FIRST EVER tip of the day.  Yep.  That’s what the acronym T.O.T.D. mean.   Will I write a tip of the day every day?  Probably not – it is, afterall, not billed as “the tip of the day everyday no matter what”.  But here goes the tip for today:  

When it is burn your skin and make you miserable cold forecasted for your early morning run, don’t commit to going running.  Sometimes it really sucks to run is nasty weather, and in my opinion, there is no reason to hate your run because Jack Frost won’t get off your ass.  What I do is instead of committing to going for that run, I just commit to getting dressed in my winter gear and  going out to check it out.  You see… after a 23 minute ordeal of slipping into 4 skin-tight layers, 3 fleece layers,  a neck gaiter, a stocking hat, and 2 goddamn pairs of gloves, I usually find that I am hot as hell and need to get out into the tundra to cool off.  Great tip to get your butt out the door in the dark, cold recesses of winter.  Good luck, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s (or whenever I get around to it) tip of the day (TOTD).