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Next Session Starts Monday April 4th @ 5:30am!

What is “money-vation”? “Money-vation” is a workout class concept I have created to help people struggling to get started working out.  Most people I know that workout regularly do it habitually.  Making it a habit is the key.  Once it is a habit, you do what you need to do to make it happen – getting started and making it a habit is the hardest part.  This is where the “Money-vation” class comes into play…  It’s pretty simple, you use money (or the forfeiture of) to get you motivated to work out until it becomes a habit.  That’s it.  Here is the model

Click this link to pre-register for the next session of Money-vation

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO START IF YOU WANT TO JOIN! If you just want to show up and participate – simply come and pay $5. If you want to late register (after week 1 or attend part-time the fee is $15.)  


45 minute morning workouts 3 times a week for 4 weeks for a total of 12 classes.

Buy In: At the Orientation/Motivation meeting you will select your buy in.  HOW MUCH motivation do YOU need?

  • “Need a Nudge” $80.00 Total = $20 registration + $5 per class fee.
  • “Need Motivation” $140 Total = $20 registration + $10 per class fee.
  • “Need a Kick in the Ass” $200 Total = $20 registration +$15 per class fee.
  • “DON’T LET ME FAIL!” $260 Total = $20 registration + $20 per class.
  1. No equipment required other than comfy athletic clothes and shoes and optional yoga mat.
  2. All exercises are group based, instructor-led, lower impact, body-weight cardio moves that are measured in time intervals rather than number of repetitions. Example set– 1 minute of “Run in Place”, 1 minute of “Mountain Climbers”, followed by 1 minute “Rest”.  This means that you do the best that YOU can do for your current fitness level – all skill and fitness levels welcome!
  3. If you show up do your best you get you’re your money for that day of class paid back to you in CASH.

Click this link to pre-register for the next session of Money-vation

Ok, so sometimes life just gets in the way.  A bonus workout during the last week of the 4-week session will be held as a makeup class.  All registered money-vators are welcome to attend – even if you don’t need a make up.  IF you had to miss a class for any reason – you can earn back one missed day’s “deposit” by showing up to the bonus workout.  It is your one and only mulligan.  This workout is also totally free for anyone interested in checking out the class.

It’s simple.  Show up, workout, get paid.  If you show up to all 12 classes, you get all but your $20 registration fee paid back to you.  Sleeping in equates to giving your money away… a bit of financial incentive may be just the additional motivation you need to crawl out from under those nice cozy covers and get your butt in shape!

Class Leaders:

Zach and Candi Adams:  Both workout 3-10 times per week both high intensity cardio, strength training, and long distance running.  Zach spent 4 years on active duty in the US Army, so he is very familiar with the “boot camp” style workouts.  They have both completed ultramarathon trailrunning races as long as 100 miles and run between 1500 and 2000 miles per year – Candi getting 2nd place female in her first 100 and Zach getting 2nd overall in his first.  Also – Candi is a registered nurse and will give you CPR if your heart stops from working too hard! We hope to see you in class, we will do our best to help you reach your goals!

Click this link to pre-register for the next session of Money-vation