Mid Month Training Update 1/15/2016

I definitely feel like I have some running mojo flowing back into me.  January is going really well so far.  To date, I have logged 75 miles including two really great trail races – WinterRock 25K and Athens-Big Fork Marathon.  More importantly, I am loving it again.  In the months after finishing Leadville, and all the subsequent training, I was just not enjoying running.  I really took a nice long break after Pumpkin Holler 100k in October and am feeling the benefits (mental and physical) of doing a few 100 mile months.  I finished the year with about 1800 miles total, and I am totally good with that.  After all, my main-number-one-knock-it-out-of-the-park-goal was to get that Leadville 100 under 30 buckle, and I did.  After a year of lots of races and miles, now it is definitely time to get back to business!  In addition to getting back to 40-50 mile training weeks, I am eating much better and have set a goal to get down to a sleek 170 (from 195) pounds before the Silver Rush 50 miler in July.  So far I am doing well, down about 7 pounds since Jan 1st.  Speedwise, I am getting under a 7:40 pace in 5 mile training runs with about 70% effort – which definitely makes me happy, although my goal by June is to run a 20 miler in under 2:30.  For my fat ass, that is ridiculously fast, and really sounds pretty insane to me at the moment.  I have never been one to set goals that are too easy, as I think making goals you know you can achieve is a waste of time and just good for stroking your ego.  The rest of January shouldn’t include any races, but you never know what might pop up.  The plan is to run 5-6 days out of 7 with one long run and one day of speed.  Strength training at least 3 out of 7.  I want to turn 40 (June of 2017) in the absolute best shape I have ever been in – time to put the work in now.  If you are struggling with motivation, get off your ass and get to it.  No one is stopping you but YOU.