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Hiatus Ends Today

Oh hai guyz!

So I was going balls out all last winter, spring, and summer.  Many races and training miles that culminated into a great half year, capped by the Silver Rush 50 Miler in the mountains of Leadville Colorado.  I am behind on a few race reports and will be doing some more writing for my column in Ultrarunning Magazine, as well as posting some of my older articles on my site.

My Excuse:

I purchased a new (old) house perched at the edge of town on a few acres.  The problems is that it was built by in 1971 and decorated and furnished by Carol Brady and The Partridge Family.   Well, not really, but there was so much shag carpet and funky velvet wallpaper that it would make your head spin.  Directly across from the baby shit yellow toilet in the master bath was a gawd awsful blue bidet.  Yes. Really.  A blue bidet.  If you do not know what that is – google it.

Long story short, I have been remodeling this place since summer working evenings and weekends, so running has not happened.  Still hammering out HIIT workouts at least 3 days a week, and some weight training, but 10-20 miles a week running at most.  Candi and I did run the 50K at FlatRock – number 6 in a row for me – but paid a pretty steep price in pain.  So yeah, not much in the way of ultrarunning or any running for that matter.

The Point:

I am ready to make a comeback.  House project is slowing down with a bunch of the heavy work done. Comeback writing, running, and hell maybe some video making.

Keep an eye out – you might find me in the middle of the pack.

#22Kill Challenge – 22 Miles, 44 Pounds, 6 Hours

I am not a combat veteran and do not have to cope with PTSD or thoughts of suicide.  I served during a peaceful time and was off active duty completely out of the Army when the shit really hit the fan in 2003.  But I have plenty of old battle buddies who did have to serve multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and are now dealing with the aftershocks.  They are the reason I am doing this.

I got challenged by Darin Brunin on FaceBook for the 22 days of 22 pushups for the #22kill movement.  Here’s the idea…

‪#‎22kill‬ doing ‪#‎22PushUps‬. I am pushing in an attempt to raise awareness to the fact that 22 AMERICAN VETERANS will commit suicide today!
Losing 22 of our vets a day is unacceptable. Politics aside we need to reach out and help, especially if our government is not supplying the support that these men and women need and deserve.
Please spread the word that veteran suicide is not the answer!
The organizations at the links below are raising the bar in creating a culture that OUR Veterans know their sacrifice was not in vain. To participate visit
Share this noble cause
This organization promotes Veteran Entrepreneurship. Help spread the word.

IMG_0918So here you go Darin.  Well, unfortunately I hate push-ups.  I also am not disciplined enough to post a video every day like the challenge required.  But I did come up with what I feel like is a suitable replacement.  At this Saturday’s Angry Bull 6hr Endurance Run,  I will load up an old-school Army rucksack with 44 pounds and run 22 miles (well try at least) in the 6 hour event.  I will make a video at the end and I will also make a $100 donation to and challenge you to donate as well.  Select from one of these vetted charities and give what you can.  You could save a life.  At a minimum, help me out by sharing this and helping bringing some further awareness to PTSD and veteran suicide.