About Me

zachHello interwebz.  My name is Zach.  My friends call me Zach – well most of them.  Some call me dickhead (and various other terms of endearment).  I like running ultramarathons.  I usually finish in the middle of the pack.  Every once is a while shit goes really well and I get more toward the top, and other times it goes really poorly and I end up at the bottom.  But for the sake of argument, you can call me Mid Pack Zach.  I am a mild mannered marketing manager, columnist for Ultrarunning Magazine, blogger for EpicUltras.com, indy internet blogger, aspiring YouTuber, and a mid-pack ultramarathoner.  My ultra debut came in 2010 with a 50 mile finish that lit the fire that’s been burning inside me ever since.  I have probably run 30 ultras or so, including a few hundos.  In 2015, I conquered the Leadville Trail 100 and am currently dreaming up some craziness for 2016.

The point of this site is to share my knowledge, tell stories, connect with other runners, and just to generally spread the culture of ultra to as many people as I can… I love this sport and its people so much that I want to share it with everyone I can. If you want to contact me directly, I love to answer questions, swap stories and generally talk shit – just email me at zach@midpackzach.com.